Sweet Satisfaction. Last Bag in the Country. Caviar Camera Case!! *Pix*

  1. so after being told several times that there were no more of this bag anywhere to be found. i got lucky and one chanel in hawaii had the very last black in the country. i snapped it right up. i'm so happy, this bag is so cute and soooo what i was looking for. :x


  2. I love it!!! It is darling. Congrats on this baby.
  3. Aww, it's so adorable!! :love: Congrats on your amazing find!! :yahoo: Hmm... I saw this exact bag in beige caviar with silver h/w at Woodbury last week, so there are more out there (just maybe not in Chanel's system). :smile:
  4. congrats!it's adorable!
  5. Gorgeous!! I just love the look of new caviar leather with silver hardware!
  6. cool, it's super cute.
  7. It's soo cute! Congrats on ur baby :yahoo: Any model pix? :graucho:
  8. Very cute!!! Must've been Chanel Waikiki? I don't remember seeing it at the Ala Moana store.
  9. there are beige. but this is the last black. i wasn't a big fan of the lighter color. sadly i had to pay retail and not the woodbury price :x

  10. Congrats! I am searching for a cambon camera case..somewhere out there, so hopefully I can be as luck as you! I saw the beige one eBay and was tempted, until i realized how over inflated the price was!

  11. Congrats! It's very cute.
  12. Congrats....lovely purchase! I saw one pfer posted this before too.
  13. it's adorable, congrats!
  14. great score, congrats!
  15. that's super cute!!! love the purchase! :heart::heart: