Sweet Revenge!

  1. Since you guys always make me wait for pics:amuse:
    This arrived from Balenciaga a few minutes ago:
  2. Evil! What is it? Pwwweeeeeeaaaaase???:tender:
  3. Can't Wait!! What Is It?
  4. LOL that was too funny:roflmfao: go ahead open it!!
  5. You guys are quick!
    2 More:

  6. :whistle: :hysteric:
  7. :popcorn:
  8. Maybe An Anthra City????
  9. ^Nope!
  10. A Marine City???
  11. :choochoo:
  12. :wlae: Waitting...

    Not with patience though...:graucho:
  13. ooooooh!! come on!! show us :drool:
  14. oh c'mon... you put all of us in a suspense...:nuts:
  15. No marine or city:p