Sweet Punkish? bags by MBMJ

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  1. ok these newbies actually don't really look like their bigger sister's sweet punk collection, but they are rock n roll and I like em!


  2. If not punk then definitely rock 'n' roll:rochard: Very cool!!
  3. I loved the first one! Is this color cranberry?
  4. I like them...!! I agree with pursemonkey...not so much punk but very rock and roll! super cute, thanks for the pics!
  5. Love them!! Does anyone know what they retail for???
  6. It's not Cranberry. It's neon pink that I feel is brighter than Cranberry. I saw that bag in Barney's yest. ;)
  7. I like the black one!
  8. Those are really fun!!! I wonder if they come in other colors and if there are any other styles and/or accessories.... Inquiring rock n roll minds want to know!!:P
  9. I getting out of this thread ASAP! No more temptation for me!
  10. TBH I'm not particularly a fan though I have to say that leather looks delicious!
  11. yes, with the decline in leather quality with the 2008 bags, im curious what these are made of./..
  12. it comes in a bucket as well!

  13. ^ I saw the bucket style in the store as well but I wasn't impressed. The leather quality seems to me much better than the Groovee and a bit thicker. :smile:
  14. I'm liking the bucket...