Sweet Punk Chain Hobo!!!

  1. am so excited to get her today! i just love her! the leather is so soft and luxurious. :heart::heart::love: cant wait to bring her out!:tender:

  2. WOW :drool: Where did you get her from?
  3. that bags absolutely ROCKS. congrats:yahoo:
  4. Congrats! I know you've been looking for one. She's beautiful!!
  5. LOVE that bag!!!! So expensive, but worth it. That is my MJ holy grail!
  6. Is is heavy? What's the lining like? Good thing I can't inspect your bag in person, because I might accidentally drool on it. It's gorgeous!
  7. thanks! i've always wanted to own and items from the Sweet Punk collection, and this is sooo much nicer than Debbie hobo. it is too bad that only bisque Debbie hobo is on sales as i definitely will be worried about colour transferred from dark denim jeans or dark colour clothing.

    any luck with the sid? ;)
  8. I hope you got a good deal on the hobo, where did you find her?

    I haven't seen any sids, at least not at a price that I'm willing to pay... I may have to give up on this one and save up for a fall bag.
  9. thanks, rorosity and vintagelove ! :flowers::blush:

    carmen82, i got her new with tag from eBay, my local store only carries Debbie hobo and Sid. after seeing Sweet punk collections irl, i just cant forget how nice the leather on these bags!
  10. bag-addict, so far, i've only seen 3 bags from this line, Debbie, Sid and this hobo. Debbie is very light, the lightest among the three as she has lesser hardwares. I was quite surprised that Sid is very heavy when i carried it at the store last week as Sid doesnt has the chain. Comparing Sid with this hobo that i've got, i think they weigh about the same.

    hmm... i think this hobo is on the heavy side, but i am not quite sure as I used to carry heavy bags. hehe... I will compare her with stam next week. after detaching the chain from the bag, the bag alone is very light. the inner lining is made of light khaki colour polyester mix cotton fabric. (it doesnt felt like 100% cotton)

    i've took some closeup photos here : :smile:



  11. I LOVE the sweet punk line and this bag looks hot! Congratulations!
  12. Love that bag, and the leather is amazingly soft!
  13. congrats!! its great to get a bag you've been wanting!!
  14. I've just got my black stam today, and it is much lighter than Sweet punk hobo. I am so in love with this Stam now! :heart::yahoo:


  15. I am really surprised that the Stam is lighter than the Sweet Punk Hobo! I was at a MJ store awhile back and looked at the Sweet Punk bags and I remember thinking how light they were. I guess you just never know. I probably held one of the smaller versions. I love that bag, though. Both of them, actually. Nice collection!