Sweet Pain....

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  1. Hi Ladies,

    I have a question. I wore my wine red Declics to the mall today and this was the second time wearing them. After 5 hours of wearing them, my feet are KILLING me. :crybaby:

    I don't have that problem with my VPs. With these, it's like taking so long to break them in.

    Has anyone had any experience in breaking in Declics to make them more wearable?

    Any advice would be great because my feet are still burning hours after wearing them :Push:

    Thanks a lot and by the way I LOVE ALL YOUR SHOES :yahoo:
  2. i stuffed my declic with socks to loosen slightly. i think just wearing them continuously helps break them in, unfortunately, so you will have to live through the pain while you break them in. it's just like a pair of hiking boots. i break mine in at home though. i suggest just wearing them around your house a lot to break them in.