Sweet obsession...

  1. I started with a 28cm souple Kelly, then decided that rigide 32cm was for me, now I have 35cm rigide Kelly bags.

    Lately I've been dreaming of a 40cm rigide Kelly, I love the dramatic look of it. But is it practical ?

    Does anyone carry a 40cm rigide Kelly? I'd love to see a photo of someone carrying one. There was one on eBay recently but the color was too light for me.

    Maybe Hermes will sell me the huge Kelly they send around the world for boutique openings ! I could sleep in that one !
  2. Hee hee .... I could sleep inside that gigantic kelly and dream H H H H .....

    Oooo how big is 40cm? Is there actually a 40cm? The largest I can go with the Kelly is size 32cm. 28cm is best for me ... in terms of proportions and elegance. It's a proper lady's handbag size. :heart:
  3. hermeslady.. have u actually tried the kelly 40cm?? The largest i can go with kelly is 32cm.. its perfect for me.. i can do 35cm but it feels big..

    I can imagine 40cm birkin but kelly i dont think its practical for the one handle and in/out kelly makes it little more difficult.
  4. I tried a kelly 40cm and it was HUGE. I am petite, so maybe it will look better on someone taller. The one I tried was a blue croc.
  5. HermesLady is statuesque and gorgeous, she could definitely carry off a 40cm Kelly! HL, I thought you would look amazing with a 40cm.
  6. ^ in that case, go for it if it makes you feel fabulous carrying it!! I can't go any bigger than 32cm Sellier for Kellys but I'm a shorty.
  7. Wow! Sounds large - I think the 32 rigide looks big on me! But whatever you love - go for!
  8. HermesLady, I've seen you in person and I say you can carry it off.
  9. The 40cm Kelly should make a statement! I'm 5'3" and love the 35!!
  10. I think you could do it too, HERMESLADY! And LOOK at your beautiful FurBabies in your Avatar!!!! Are both babies there? I can't tell......
  11. Shopmom, that is just one - my littlest boy - Sammie Lowenstein. Sammie loves to snuggle in the towels fresh from the dryer, all soft, warm and fluffy (just like Samme is !) All I have to do is call him "Sammie fresh laundry !" and he come running and jumps on the bed. This photo was taken while he was blissed out.

    Spoiled baby !
  12. Thanks everyone ! I think I will look for one to try on before I buy. I wonder how hard it will be to find a black rigide boxcalf w/gold hardware ?

    Maybe I'll call Hermes NYC tomorrow and ask. HG, if you see one on Madison, please let me know !!
  13. Hermeslady, I believe there was one in the store 2 weeks ago, but it looked like it was gris tortourelle togo, sellier, with gold hardware.
  14. Wow! A 40cm would be amazing! I hope you find one soon in a color that sings to you! :yes:
  15. Sammie belongs on cuteoverloaddotcom!!!!!