Sweet Monograms

  1. I have the pendant and I love it however I don't like that you tie it around your neck.
  2. oh yes, these are extremely cute! I'm glad eluxury has them
  3. Yup... VERY cute accessories for any girl!!! :biggrin:
  4. what about a nice gold chain for it ?
    I agree with you though it is cute :smile:
  5. I have the earrings and they're super cute. I'm surprised elux got them in. :yes:
  6. Yes definately, I just need to order one. Rebecca (I think?!) had posted a link to HSN which I saved to get a chain and I need to take the time to order it however I spend all my freetime here! LOL
  7. I ever had an entire collection but recently sold brooch and necklace on eBay. Anyway, I still have hair-clip and earrings left.
  8. The hair-clip is cute, but my hair is short, so i have no use for it~!!

    I really like the brooch though, i think i'll go perfectly with my new white knit coat~:love:!!!