Sweet Monogram Hair Clips

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  1. Does anyone have these? They are $230 on elux now. Are they more like a clip, barrette, or bobby pin on the back?

  2. I don't know but they are completely adorable! I love the pendant as well!
  3. Yeah I think the pendant would look good as a bag charm.
  4. Yeah but how would you hook it on as it appears that it is simply a hook and slides on a necklace?


    You could try the broch?

  5. These are so cute! If I used hair clips, I would buy them. I never got a chance to look at them in person...so can't tell ya if they're clips or bobby pins.

    I ordered the necklace a few days ago....but it's a shame elux doesn't have the earrings :crybaby:I already have a set, but I want another so that the earrings can be paired together!
  6. Did you recieve your necklace yet? What kinda of chain did you put it on?
  7. yeah the hair clips are so cute. I forgot to look if they had the pendant in the store I really love it!
  8. LOVE hair clips, would wear those all the time and would have them for years and years!!! I keep my barettes for many many years, those are great! Thx!
  9. Not yet. My ordered just shipped yesterday...expected to arrive next Wednesday. Can't wait! :yahoo: I think it looks pretty nice on the turquoise rope (very cutesy and fun) but it'd also be nice with a golden chain for those more formal outfits :P
  10. I went ahead and ordered it. It's too cute for that price! :yes:
  11. I would hook the charm on one side of a pochette extender:

    like this but in gold
  12. Ahh that would be cute! GET IT and the hairclips!! LOL

  13. Hooray!:wlae:

    It'd be cuter if I didn't have to pay taxes on it :roflmfao: So who else is going to get one too? You know you want to!
  14. I saw in another post someone using it on a balenciaga bag:

  15. I want the charm & barrettes, but I dont get my holiday money until next week. I know if I wait they will be gone!!