Sweet Monogram & etc.


is at a crossroads..
Sep 29, 2006
northern california
Priscilla, Nola, Nat007, poutine, Glamourette, girlsgottoshop, Alice from Italy: Thank you!! :cutesy:

Shopalicious: Don't you just it? :smile: I've wanted an LV bracelet for so long but the sizes would never fit. I hate that most of them can slide off when I just tilt my hand downwards.

twiggers: Oh, I know. I recently got into headbands and I would love a Sweet Monogram one. But it's just easier to get the whole collection ;) Everything is adorable!

John5: Thanks! I took a screenshot of that necklace on their site and used Photoshop to duplicate the background and voila!

LisaG719: Thank you! I was going to demo it on my Panda Pochette but I was too lazy to dig for it. My closet is a nightmare right now :blink:

azia: Yes, it is. I think he's getting used to posing for the camera :P

south-of-france: Thank you! He usually sleeps on his side and is stretched out- makes for the cutest pictures :P