Sweet Monogram & etc.


is at a crossroads..
Sep 29, 2006
northern california
My SA called me today to let me know that the accordeon wallet chain that I had requested last week was in! I couldn't resist how amazing many tPFers' pochettes looked with them on so I had to pick one up too. Last night I was browsing around online and saw that the Sweet Monogram line had a charm bracelet. I instantly fell in love with it and was set on the silver/white combo but decided to go for the pastel since it has gold hardware and my flats (Tory Burch-- I know, I'm late on the bandwagon but I don't care :P) that are coming tomorrow have gold hardware also. That and most of the hardware on my LV stuff is all gold.

So here are pics of my bracelet, the chain on my Cerises, and the Conpiration GM Landscape that my boyfriend bought on Saturday when we were in the city for our four year anniversary. He took them with him already so I couldn't get a picture of the glasses themselves. All that I have is this picture of him and our guinea pig, Rudy. The detailed stamped LV logo on the entire palladium frame is amazing.

And here are the pictures! Sorry for the poor quality pics, my brother was supposed to buy me a new digicam battery so he took it and I have no idea where it is! Also, I had to alter the way the bracelet is worn since my wrists are tiny. I had to make it work since I held off on the ever so popular Juicy Couture charm bracelets and have been itching for one since the Tiffany & Co. sterling charm bracelet craze.

The closest I'll ever get to something Sophie-esque.

Thanks for reading! I'm off to adore my new purchases! :yahoo: