Sweet Monogram Bracelet

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  1. Just saw this on elux and oh my, just :heart:it! Questions - should I get the White or the Pastel one? Is the White one all silver or the charms are covered with white enamel? Anybody with pics of them wearing this lovely bracelet?


  2. that is cute. i would probably get white...it could be worn with anything!
  3. If it is the same as the necklace (which I imagine it is)...the charms are covered by white enamel!
    I would probably go for the white one...will go with everything!!!
  4. Thanks ladies. I thought about it a bit more, although I like the pastel colors I am going with white. Not only it goes with almost everything, I am not sure if the gold will wear off given it's going to be on my wrist and there will be rubbing and banging.
  5. I have the ring in white and it's so cute! Like everyone said, white goes with everything!!!
  6. yes definitely choose the white one.. i've had a gold charm bracelet and it showed all the scratches i put on it too easily!
  7. Does anyone have a pic of the white?
  8. Yay- can't wait to see pics!