Sweet lawd, is that supposed to be "music"?

  1. Kelis feat. Too Short - Bossy

    You must be joking... that track actually got a video... and was actually playing on MTV this morning?

    I would sound like that completely smashed, baked and with a fever. Really sad to see what's considered music these days. :rolleyes:
  2. LOL it's an unusual song isn't it!

    I found it quite catchy, although after the 2nd time hearing the song I completely hated it! :nuts:
  3. :shame: Sorry guys but I really love Kelis... (I still have her single from "I Hate You So Much Right Now"). My husband nearly had a fit knowing that Too Short is back on the scene. :yahoo:

    I guess I will be the oddball here and say that I really enjoyed the video. Kelis looks so hott with the new short do. Plus I think it is the sweetest thing that she is married to Nas. :girlsigh: Another one of my favorites. :tender:

  4. I haven't heard it, but Kelis sucks, so I'm sure the song does too.:P
  5. Oh I HATE that song! I like another one or 2 by har but I can't stand that one!
  6. I love Kelis! Bossy's a good song, it's old, but good. And the beat is hot. She looks much better with the new haircut too!
  7. Yikes, I still kind of like that song--
  8. I HATE that song-- my husband always teases me by saying-- you know why I did/said that? 'cause I'M BOSSY!!
  9. "...Diamonds on my neck, di-diamonds on my grill
    Diamonds on my neck, di-diamonds on my grill..."

    :lol: :lol: :roflmfao:
  10. :roflmfao: I must say I agree with you.:flowers:
  11. OH heeellll no Vlad, me and you gonna fight, :graucho: that's my song, actually that was my avatar couple weeks ago. :nuts: Don't worry listen to it a couple a times it will stick in your head. My hubby said the same thing, now I catch him singing it, "Diomonds on my neck, Di Diamonds on my grill, I'm Bossy"
  12. Sorry, but you and I can't be friends. Ever.

  13. i like the song, it's catchy... cuzzzzzzz im boooossssssyy! lol
  14. The song is a bit catchy,but I dont like it. To be honest everything that is played on Fuse & MTV sounds generic,and mad. I like my New Wave & Classic Rock. The other day someone told me HELLGOODBYE is better than JIMI HENDRIX!:rant:
  15. No offense ladies, but she has NO voice. NONE, I am telling you, I sound better with a cold.
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