Sweet Ladies of the PF, I need your help!

  1. Hello Ladies!
    I've never owned a Chanel before until this summer when I bought 4 Chanel and a wallet and I have no regrets! Thanks to you ladies! However DH is still in sticker shock!

    I bought a Black cerf with gold cc, white caviar classic flap SH, blk lambskin e/w in bijoux chain, pink caviar bowler (which I may sell), and Camelia wallet.

    I love them all! They all have a purpose, but I'm missing a neutral, maybe beige everyday, every occasion bag.

    Cerf is too business formal. White flap is seasonal, lambskin e/w is too formal (even though I have worn it with jeans and it looked great) and pink bowler is too limited. What I would like is a beige tote like the Medallion. I don't like GST bc its too bulky. But I also like the metallic reissues bc they are neutral and casual.

    DH will only let me buy 1 more Chanel. So long story made short, I need either a beige Medallion now or wait for silver metallic reissue from S/S line or does anyone else have any suggession for everyday, all occassion bag that is not black. TIA ladies!
  2. ultimate soft? baby cabas?
  3. How about a beige Cloudy Bundle N-S tote?
  4. hi ChinalocaChanel I'd suggest you wait for the S/S reissues!I say that not only as a reissue lover but they're great bags very convenient to carry and always classic and classy allyearround with anything on!
    As I've read colours will be plenty and hard to choose from lol!Besides you haven't got any yet!
    Maybe if you don't get any now you'll be able to get two later on !BTW I've read some of them like the purple,may hit the b as soon as January!;)hope it helps!:yes:
  5. Get the reissue!!!
  6. I am a big reissue fan so I say wait for the new reissues!!! They are such gorgeous, versatile bags, I'd get one in every colour if I had the cash!
  7. reissue is gorgeus, i'm a fan myself but i personally won't carry it on everyday basis though..

    i love my baby cabas as an everyday bag, it is so convenient and roomy..

    HTH :heart:
  8. totally reissue! I have the light silver reissue and it is gorgeous!!! =o)-
  9. The reissues are great.
  10. Beige PST?
  11. I love my new beige medallion tote. Beige was my final color to round out my little chanel collection (black, bordeaux and now beige)
    shoes&bags 009.jpg
  12. Thanks Ladies for your input!
  13. Why not wait for the re-issues.... and in the meantime, sell the pink bowler you want and fund (mostly) a new beige PST, or Medallion? Then you get both, and a collection you love every piece from! :yes: