Sweet Kira !!

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  1. Totally surprised by Kira Hobo IRL !!

    I expected mismatched panels (from HH pics), but they are perfect.
    * Cute profile amazingly takes full gear load and never changes !!!
    * Carries as much as Havana does but looks smaller because it has depth, while Havana is basically a flat construction with small pleats,
    * Soft fit against body, great strap drop length, comfy but strange straps.
    * This bag will flatter any body in a girly way~ all soft curves.
    * Generous side pockets have magnetic snap closures and almost hidden top closure zips full across securely.

    I am not thrilled that the strap leather is also patchwork and plastic edged (more to wear out) but the straps can be knotted lower to covert to satchel carry.

    The bag feels weightless when filled, puddles when set down....
    Great alternative to Havana for a more feminine style hobo.

    :yahoo:AMAZING KIRA !!

  2. OMG STORMY!!!!
    Congrats!! You scored such a beauty!! I am so happy she is perfect for you! Can't wait to see your pics!! WHOO HOO!!
  3. Congrats Stormy! Sounds like my kinda hobo! Pics, please!

    The kira that's on its way to me was described as having mismatched panels... let's see just HOW mismatched they can be...!
  4. Looking forward to seeing pics!
  5. Well , now she'll have to visit Florida to hook up with her wallet........

  6. Sounds lovely Stormy!
    Never would've given the Kira a second glance, but if you endorse it.. I'll give it a chance!
  7. Stormy, Congrats! That is a very cool bag!!
  8. exqueeze-me, but someone has to do this:


    LOL! xxoo :P
  9. LOL -- I was thinking the same thing. Please post a pic, stormy?
  10. Great review Stormy! I am really looking forward to pics of this one!!
  11. Wow, congrats stormy! Thanks for the many deets. Can't wait to see pics! Which color did you get or are you gonna surprise us? :graucho:
  12. She's lovely Eucalyptus. Pics are problematic at this time ; (