sweet girl:)

  1. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]:love: :love: :love: :love:
  2. Happy Pics
  3. cute.... but hmmmm who is she?
  4. she is Izzie in the grey's anatomy...(I don't know her real name)
  5. she is katherine heigl.i love her.
  6. Cute dogs.
  7. OMG! i didn't relize if it was her.... ha ha ha
  8. Cute dogs!
  9. I like her. She seems like a very sweet person.
  10. Love her! I love the Izzie character too. Great example of a celeb giving back - I think this was for the ASPCA right or some pet adoption drive right?
  11. Love love love her..now more that she's a dog lover!! She's a great actress and she's curvy, not really curvy but 'normal' and non-skeletal like Ellen and Sandra, whom I also love but really wish they would chomp on a Big Mac or two!:yes: LOVE GREY'S..last night's episode was crazy!

    ..edited to quantify my use of the word 'normal' wrt weight...she just looks healthy!!
  12. She is so incredible gorgeous. I've been a fan ever since her Roswell days.
  13. Cute
  14. She may be a dog lover, but certainly no lover of animals that are sliced and diced to make that hideous jacket, which ironically look quite like the dog on the right. hmmm...blendy.
  15. awww, i only wish i was allowed to have a dog!!!
    arrggh. but no, gotta put all my attention towards college.

    i :heart: her on greys! =D