Sweet Flowers Bandeau

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  1. Oh, these are too beautiful. Anyone know when they will be in the stores? Also, the cost? I must have the red one for my new red Epi Petit Noe!

    They come in Red, Blue and Pink.
    red.jpg blue.jpg pink.jpg
  2. I'm not sure when they'll be in stores, but when I purchase bandeaus, they were in the $120 range...
    Hopefully it'll be the same price as others 'cause it's cute and stays in my budget!
  3. I think someone here has already bought a red one, so they must already be out! I'm definitely getting one as well...trying to decide between red and blue...
  4. The blue one would be perfect for an Azur bag.
  5. I think most bandeaus cost around $120. I think I'm gonna purchase one to decorate my handbags and to wear because I'm afraid to get the MC bandeau in white, I'm shy to wear a scarf that screams LV LV LV. :p You could try and call eLuxury to see if they have some in stock, sometimes they don't list all their products on the website.
  6. Now those are really cute!
  7. Ok I must have that!
  8. I think somebody already purchased one of those bandeaus.

    Therefore, they have to be in stores already.

    Here is the thread: :smile:

    ----> My little new thingy from LV.... <----
  9. Very pretty~~
  10. I already bought one a couple days ago . My SA told me that they are already out of it.. !! And the only color they have is red.
  11. i agree! must buy one...:p
  12. I like red.. so pretty
  13. Totally cute
  14. Yea, cute bandeau..! :yes: I wish the pink has more pink than the one on the pix. I saw the pix of the scarf version and it's so pretty in pink..! :love:
  15. Oh I really love the red!!!