Sweet dreams before x'mas...

  1. I wanted a sky blue day for x'mas and yesterday i went to the balenciaga printemps haussmann shop to ask when they'll receive the blue bags, they told me in about two weeks. Then i saw this beauty, lying there, calling me!!!! I couldn't resist trying it on and... a magical thing happened, i was totally in love... with this gorgeous color, the size, the yummy super delicious and smooshy leather, i have never seen this butter like texture before. I guess it's close the 05 one. I'll let her sleep in my closet until... x'mas!!!! :love:
    IMG_1935.JPG IMG_1936.JPG IMG_1937.JPG
  2. A Work!
  3. you are close Alaska, just something a little bit bigger!!!
  4. Weekender!!!!!
  5. May i present you Miss Vert Foncé F/W2007 Weekender!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
    The color is amazing and very changing, sometimes it looks green, sometimes brown and sometimes bronze... here are some picts, with and without flash.
    :nuts: for now her place is under the x'mas tree, what a torture!!!
    IMG_1925.JPG IMG_1929.JPG IMG_1931.JPG IMG_1928.JPG IMG_1933.JPG
  6. Sorry for the bad lighting, shot these picts tonite, will try again this week-end, they have predicted sunny weather in paris. And the handles are longer than the previous weekenders!!! so comfortable on my coat. that's one of the details that seduced me.
  7. wow! It's simply DIVINE! Congrats--- wow- you stll have like 19 days until Christmas--- you can you do it?!?!?!
  8. Wow, such a gorgeous colour! :drool: Congrats!
  9. thanks Alaska, thanks Pigen.
    Alaska- Well, i think it'll be tough... the temptation is in my apartment!!!
    i may peek inside the dust-bag from times to times, love the smell of new goat leather, am i insane????:nuts::upsidedown:
  10. very nice, congrats! Nighty-night beautiful Bbag!
  11. thanks sweet purple, that's sweet.
  12. Vert Fonce, what a gorgeous, gorgeous bag! It's just lovely! Great Leather and fantastic chameleon quality to it!

    Congratulations and good luck with waiting until Mxas!!

    I wish you well,

  13. thanks bridget... hope i won't succomb one more time when seeing a sky blue beauty which will arrive at the printemps shop before x'mas. this weekender is a huge x'mas present ! i think i will be b bag banned until march, when the turquoise 08 day will come to the shop!!!!
  14. wowww! here she is super beautiful weekender :love:
  15. Love love LOVE it! The leather looks delicious:drool: