Sweet Bubblegum was waiting for me...

  1. ...when I got home from a SIX and a half hour drive in the snowstorm from the airport, after I missed my flight due to the TWO hour drive there because of traffic. Thank GOODNESS she came to brighten my day and my DH was there to sign for her -

    A few days ago I thought to myself, Self, you better get yourself on some more BG 08 waitlists, because I decided I was in love with the color and really didn't want to miss out. So I called BalNY and they said, oh they're here, what do you want? So I said a City please and they sent me one! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! :yahoo:

    Here she is: pretty stiff right now of course - leather pretty good - more smooth, less crinkly/chewy, can't wait to break her in really well, she will look 04 smooth, I predict...:heart::heart::heart: Color is wonderful, a warm pink with lots of lilac undertones - I'm a pink gal and I think this one's perfect...

    She will go back in her box until my bday in February :love:

    Happy Holidays, Everyone! :flowers:
    bg08_0413a.JPG bg08_0411a.JPG bg08_0414a.JPG bg08_0409a.JPG
  2. and while I'm at it, I'll take this opportunity to introduce my new-to-me-a-few-weeks-ago Anthra Twiggy. I fell in love with her because the leather reminded me so much of my beloved AnthraFirst I had to sell because the First is too small for me. I totally adore her :heart::heart::heart:
  3. Bellenuit, congrats on both bags!
    I love the leather of the BG, it's so chewy! :drool:

    Will you really restrain yourself until February??? I just got a pale bag myself and I don't know if I should wear it now (it does look a bit odd with all the dark winter clothes) or wait until spring. Can I wait so many months though or will the love fade?
  4. OMG sooooo pretty!!!

    I hope one day to have one just like it..... *sigh* can i take out more college loans for bbags? LOL
  5. Gorgeous bag. I am sure once you saw her, you forgot about what it took to get home. Not sure I would be able to resist taking her out until Feb. Congrats!
  6. Thanks, guys!

    I'm in London for work Jan-Feb so it will stay here at home - that's my definition of restraint, heehee. And you're right, it doesn't look right with all the dark winter colors I've been wearing - something to look forward to!

    I do get to take her out to play with before I leave, of course - just peeking!
  7. she's very pretty congrats!
  8. Absolutely gorgeous! I love it! Congrats on both bags!
  9. What a perfect ending to an awful day! Congrats!! The bubblegum looks divine! The anthracite looks fab too! Good Luck holding out until February!;)
  10. Oh my she is really lovely! The leather on her is so pretty! These bubblegum bags are something else!
    You may not wear her till Feb. but how many times will you look at her and stroke that leather?!
  11. Gorgeous!!!!

    I wish mine would come already.
  12. Wow - a beautiful pink! It looks broken into already! The leather is divine! Congrats!
  13. This is so exciting! All these gorgeous BG pictures are making me wish I had asked for expression shipping on my BG Day! Glad you're home!
  14. both are soooo gorgeous - where did you find the anthracite?
  15. oh gosh, how can you put her in her box till FEB!?!?! i would be like 'arrrrgggghhh, gimme my bag!!!"

    Glad she came just in time to brighten your mood :yahoo: congrats