Sweet Beginnings nursery furniture

  1. Does anyone have nursery furnishings, especially a crib, by Sweet Beginnings? We just started looking, and DH and I both really, really like their vintage circus big top crib. I called the manufacturer, and they were nice enough to have the owner talk to me right away (which impressed me, given that I'm a consumer looking to buy stuff for one nursery, and potentially only one piece, at that.) They'll let you choose from multiple crib styles, customize the color and the design elements (e.g., replace the scary clowns with circus animals), etc. It's pricey, though, since it's hand-painted, so I'd love to hear from anyone who has any of their stuff whether you feel it's well-made, etc. I'd hate to spend thousands of dollars on it, though, if it's a cutely painted piece of junk. Thanks for any help!!
  2. I haven't heard of that.
    We bought all ours at a local store called The Magic Moon {themagicmoon.com}, they also sell through Posh Tots.
  3. I looked at their stuff online before but ended up getting my crib from Bellini (7 years old now and still in fine form). You might want to check out BabyBargains (book or website). They are like a Consumer Report for everything baby (not just Bargains) and most of their reviews are spot on. They give really great tips on what to look for when buying a crib (check type of release, whether it's convertible, adjustable height, wheels with brakes, storage space, etc. etc).
  4. Thanks ladies (I should have known I'd get help from the two of you.) I'll definitely check out themagicmoon and BabyBargains. I just went to the latter briefly, and I think I remember looking at the bridal bargains site back when I was planning my wedding. I ordered the book from Amazon, so hopefully it'll have some helpful information. I did manage to check already that the crib has three mattress heights and a dropdown side, as well as a conversion kit to use it as a toddler bed, but it'll be great to get the other info since this is my first go round with nursery stuff.
  5. good luck! How I wish I could decorate another nursery!!:girlsigh:
  6. The book was such a big help for me the first time around. It's hard to figure out what exactly you're looking for before you actually need it. Good luck with the decorating! What an exciting time!