Sweet and Sour Whole Chicken Stuffed With Maccaroni and Ground Beef!! YUMMY!!

  1. Hi ladies, today I made sweet and sour stuffed chicken with maccaroni and ground beef stuffing!!!!!! It is amazing!! Got the inicial idea for the sauce from RachaelRay but the rest I just did right there and then ..
    clean a whole grilling chicken inside and out ..
    make slits in the breast and thighs and insert slivers of fresh garlic dipped in salt and pepper in the slots ..
    boil some small pasta (doesnt matter what shape .. just as long as it will fit in the chicken cavity) ..
    brown some ground beef in a frying pan on the stove adding salt, pepper, cardimom, and cinnimon to taste (the latter two I usually add to get rid of the animal-y smell of meats and poultry) ..
    stir in the pasta with the ground beef and set them aside ..
    whisked any kind of jam (I used cranberry jam), honey, soy sauce, very little mustard, salt, and pepper in a bowl to make a sauce ..
    add a few tablespoons of the sauce to the maccaroni and meat mixture and give them a good mix ..
    Lay the chicken on two sheets of foil in the middle of a baking tray ..
    stuff the maccaroni meat mixture into the cavity of the chicken and sewed it shut ...
    rub the remaining sauce all over the chicken being sure to rub under the skin as well .. I made sure it went EVERYWHERE!! ..
    pour the remaining sauce over the chicken ..
    wrap the foil around the chicken and bake in the oven till its tender depending on the size of your bird and your oven ..
    serve carved or whole ..
    pour the juices that come out of the chicken in a gravy boat to pour over the chicken and stuffing .. YUMMY!!
    I served with an herb salad with balsamic vinigrette ...
  2. M--- sounds wonderful!!! I didn't know cardimom and cinnamon (sp) makes gamey smells go away!? Cool! I have to try this recipe out! It would probably be great with spaghetti squash~~~
  3. Thanks M! It was so good that we finished a whole bird in one sitting haha