sweet 16

  1. okay so one of my best friends is turning 16 in 2 months, and i was thinking of getting her the scribble top handle pouch & the mini skinny. what do you think? i deff want to get her something coach, and she likes bright colors, so is the scribble the way to go? or can someone else suggest a bag? im soooooooo confused!:shrugs:
  2. I have the watercolor wristlet and love it. It's bright and has a lot of colors in it..I love the stripey look. But the scribble is really cute too! Your friend is lucky to have you!
  3. it would be a toss up of the scribble or watercolor. you could get her the scribble top handle pouch and the watercolor pony tail scarf.
  4. The scribble would be really cute!!
  5. i think i would choose the watercolor for her. she's not going to be 16 forever, and the watercolor will be more usable as she gets older
  6. another vote for watercolor -- how about the mini skinny and the ponytail scarf?
  7. thanks for all the input! i got her the watercolor wristlet for christmas and i dont think she really liked it, so thats why i leaned more toward the scribble. and as for the ponytail scarf, she doesnt wear ponytails becuase she doesnt like the crease it leaves in her hair, but maybe if i get her one, shell start wearing them lol. i had her look at the website and she said she is in love with the scribble, so...
  8. well actually it was a bit later than christmas cause the watercolor hadnt come out yet, so i waited for them to get her and my other friend them.
  9. I think the scribble would be good.

    You sure are generous to your friends! :yes:
  10. scribble sounds perfect for her!!!!
    she will love it i'm sure:smile:
  11. Scribble while not my first choice for me, sounds like a perfect choice for your friend! How fun! What about a charm to add to her bag too? Perhaps a zodiac or letter or my favorite, the skull!
  12. I second that.

    Can you be my best friend? Pretty please :graucho:
  13. im jealous....i want yo be ur friend...