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Sweeny Tood of I Am Legend?

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  1. My hubby and I NEVER get to go out on a date, but today we actually get to have dinner and a movie together and my dad is going to watch the kids. A real treat for me! I cannot even remember the last time we went to a movie together...YAY! So I really want to make sure I see a good one. I have narrowed it down to 2 movies since my hubby is adamantly against seeing Enchanted or Juno even though I really wanted to see both of those..LOL..so which should we see? Sweeny Todd or I Am Legend? Both look like they got good reviews so that is not much help. I thought I could ask you since you guys are the best!! Thanks!!!:smile:
  2. I've seen both and liked both. It depends what kind of movie you like. I would factor in if you want to see a murder musical or a movie like Castaway with Zombies. Legend depressed me (for personal reasons) but I liked it. Sweeney has some great characters. "Borat" is in it singing and steals the show IMO.
  3. I did not see Sweeny, but I enjoyed Legend. If that helps:s
  4. legend over sweeny! i've also seen both of them, didn't like the sweeny musical that much. i saw legend w/ my bf, he really liked it HTH!
  5. Im late to the game, but, I voted for Legend! Its a great movie!
  6. I saw them both back to back and my vote is over the top for LEGEND!!!!

    I have seen all the versions of Sweeny (the Lansbury stage version, the broadway musical, and now the film) and this was my least favorite, by far. I am normally a Johnny Depp fan but Sweeny just seemed like Chapter Two of Edward Scissor Hands to me :shrugs:

    I was gushing after Legend, I would have stayed in my seat to see it a second time (but I had to get home to my dog, LOL). Two huge thumbs up for Will Smith :tup: :tup:
  7. Saw both...Loved them both but I'm more of a horror/scary movie type of gal!
  8. I liked Sweeney better. I think it was just a better movie overall-- solid plot, amazingly talented actors, Colleen Atwood costumes, Tim Burton's spooky gorgeous sets. It's definitely a real musical though-- LOTS of singing.

    Legend was more of a slick, high tech, big budget Hollywood type movie IMO. It was good, but I hate zombies and I thought the plot was pretty weak. I think my SO liked it better than Sweeney, but he liked both a lot...
  9. Sweeney!

    Legend was too drawn out for me.
  10. I saw both and thought "Sweeny Todd" was a materpiece and "Legend" was crap. Nothing vague about my opinions!!!!!!!
  11. See I am Legend, its incredible!!!
  12. I liked sweeney todd!
  13. I just saw Sweeney a couple days ago and I have to say, it was amazing. Just an awesome movie!!
  14. can't wait for Sweeny to be released in HOLLAND!