Swedish Mulberry meet?

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  1. I know, I know - we don't have any outlets to go to, but perhaps we could plan a small get-together anyway? I know there's quite a few of us, and I'd love to meet other Mulberry ladies :smile:
  2. Oh that sounds like a good idea - just because there are no outlets, doesn't mean to can't go and look at the new season stuff or something. Its just the meeting each other, chatting and looking at bags with like-minded people that's the fun.

    We find as well that sometimes you think you don't like a bag, but when somebody else puts it on, you see it in a whole new light!

    Have fun!
  3. Yes, Ali and i kept modellig bags for each other!!! Is mymlan in sweden?
  4. What a great idea, Anne. Wish it was in Denmark.
  5. I am in, but it depends as always on when and where.
    Must admitt going to Gothenburg is too far away for me, but Stockholm is an option.
  6. Stockholm would be my first choice too... obviously, since I live there :smile:
  7. Sounds great to meet other Mulberry ladies!
  8. Yes, I am in Sweden!:smile:
  9. Wonderful idea, would love to come too! Stockholm would be fine for me, I go there sometimes for work and it would be so nice to meet the other swedish mulberry girls!