Swedish hostess THROWS UP on live TV!

  1. [​IMG]

    And it's not the first time a swedish television host did something strange on live televi....

    And oh, found a translation on Youtube. This is basically what she's saying.
  2. lol...i that has never happened to me with menstrual pains...gross you can see her face turn 1 sec before she pukes
  3. oh my gosh, how embarrassing for her!
  4. :nuts: Well at least she's professional, she got right back up there. LOL.
  5. Aww poor girl. She got right back to her job, good for her!
  6. That's pretty gross.
  7. wow, it was really cool that she kept on going!!
  8. ew lol
  9. That is really gross... but she seems more like she is having morning sickness or something. That came from NOWHERE!
  10. lol, no clue, that's just one of those videos that circle around youtube, actually I was looking for another one of a German newscaster who fainted ... it seems like this happens quite often :nogood: ... probably too much stress, too little to drink and the heat of the lights :yes:

    It's so bad how the entire studio decoration collapses on her and the people in the front try to make business as usual :p:lol: