Swedie...Where are you???

  1. I used to always enjoy your posts, but havent seen you around in a while..I think you may be busy planning your wedding...Just wanted to say hi :flowers:
  2. I've been wondering the same. It has to be getting close to her wedding, if not past it.

    Swedie, check in with us when you can.
  3. hey PF-ers
    Swedie is NOW married!!! :amuse: She had a lovely day!!! :amuse: I PM-ed her a couple of times after her wedding and she sent me a link (wedding site) of her WONDERFUL day!!! she was totally a beautiful bride :flowers: .... i think she's having a great married time at the moment!!! But i've seen her on here a couple of times since her wedding... Maybe flick her a PM!!! :amuse:
  4. Thanks for the update, Helen!
  5. Good to hear that!!!
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