sweaty palms & vachetta

  1. hey guys, are sweaty palms a killer on vachetta?
  2. I don't know for sure but I think they are. Lotion is worse though.
  3. Yep they are.....
  4. I am sure they are. Fortunately, I am someone whose palms never sweat, but I can tell you, I have a GF whose palms are always sweaty and her Speedy's handles are scary:nuts:.
  5. Sweaty Palm are not fun, I will be carrying something vachetta and then my palms will sweat. and the leather gets dark.
  6. yep not good. for that problem you can always carry on your arm.
  7. Probably a killer. Wipes can help.
  8. and hand sanitizer:tdown:
  9. I have sweaty palms, too and yes, dear, they are absolute death for vachetta. It turns handles noticeably darker & faster than the rest of the leather (and not that nice natural patina that comes with natural aging, either). I solved my problem by sewing cloth protectors that are the same color of my speedy handles. I can grip them comfortably when it's hot & no yuckiness develops. :p
  10. Ha! The lengths we go to protct our beloved LV bags!!
  11. Oh no...I'm thinking of selling my Azur speedy 30 already!

    Barely carried less than 5 times and my blood pressure rise everytime I use it.

    And u guessed it rite, I have sweaty palms! :sad:
  12. i have naturally oily skin so i just try not to really hold my bag by the handles with my hands if i don't have to. i'll put it in the crook of my elbow or something and it won't be so bad. couple of my bags have darker patina than i'd like but i'm being super careful with my azur as i am sure i will hate it with dark patina.
  13. its so tough...I live in Vegas. With highs hitting 116 how can I help but sweat..ahhh
  14. Dear handbag girl,

    I'm in Asia where humidity is a monster...and the heat...and now in recent weeks, the rain...argh!
  15. If only we lived back in the Victorian era where ladies wore gloves.....we would have such beautiful vachetta, lol.;)