Sweaty palms, anyone?

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  1. Anyone here have sweaty palms and possibly feet too? :push:
  2. Yes! My condition is not as severe as my sister's, but it is still a problem, especially during certain times of the month or when my anxiety is high.

    We have looked at ways to control it, without being too drastic and go under the knife to remove the sweat glands. Botox is an option. A good link is sweathelp.org that gives info on current treatments. You are not alone!
  3. I always have sweaty palms, and it is so embarrassing. When I was younger, I went to a Catholic School, and we always had to go to mass. During the sign of peace when you had to shake hands with those around you, I used to get such anxiety! The more I worried about it, the worse they got. I would be wiping them off and wiping them off. The worst was when I had a cute guy sitting near me. I didn't want to drench him. It seemed to clear up a tad though now. I rarely have the issue to THAT extreme anymore. :smile:
  4. I am the same way at church!! :sweatdrop:

    Theres a condition called hyperhydrosis, which is excessive sweating.
  5. I have sweaty palms! Hate it especially when I am going through interviews..
  6. yeh my doctor told me i have hyperhidrosis...it's so annoying especially in the summer!

    and for the church thing, i went to Catholic school when i was younger and we had to go to church TWICE a week. I always wanted to cry when we had to do the peace handshakes
  7. I have sweaty palms when I'm nervous! My ex bf always had sweaty hands, so throughout our whole relationship we didn't hold hands. I just held his arm..lol
  8. Oh I do too! I thought I was the only one!
  9. OMG! I have searched my whole life for someone who understood my fear of the sign of peace! I am so glad to have finally found you! :happydance: (You too, Babydoll Chanel!)
  10. they say botox helps people with this condition.
  11. yeh but there's also some controversy as to whether or not injecting Botox into the palms weakens the hand muscles in the long run.
  12. I get sweaty palms when I'm in an airplane (and ONLY then... it's weird)!! hehe

    Sweaty feet? I get them when I'm nervous
  13. I've read about hyperhydrosis! I don't have it myself, though. I read that it is a problem with one of the nerve paths that start in your armpits, and it causes excessive hand and foot sweat, and excessive blushing. There's a procedure to lessen the pressure on the nerve in your armpit, but it does require a little "knifework" I think.
  14. you might want to try Driclor first before undergoing surgery or botox. you apply it on your hands last thing at night before you sleep. use it every day for the first week, every other day for the next, then once a week, then once a month. you can also use it in your feet, underarms, or any body part that sweats excessively =)