sweaty feet in heels/shoes

  1. how do you keep your feet from sweating in shoes/heels with no socks?
    i just do not understand.....
  2. You can get summersoles which are pads you can put inside your shoes. They soak up the sweat and prevent you from sweating. It's at www.summersoles.com

    Hope this helps.
  3. What happens when your summersoles get smelly? :confused1: Are they repalceable?
  4. hahahahha good question
  5. My brother sprays his feet with aerosol deodorant. Says it keeps them from sweating and from stinking.
  6. I'm old school, but I wear hosiery with my heels. Except summer sandals and slides, then I am bare legged but those shoes are open.
  7. FYI I find that alot of the sweating is due to the inside of your shoes not being breathable - i.e. they are not made of real leather. In the summer I wear all my pumps/sandals without any sort of sock/stocking and I find they don't sweat too much! I used to buy cheaper shoes with synthetic inner lining and found my feet were sweaty and stinky :tdown:
  8. ^^^

    Yes, I too notice the same thing! The cheap shoes make my feet stink. :nogood: So now I'd rather invest in better quality shoes.
  9. i got a pair of stuart weitzman shoes
    i didnt buy them for a very cheap price but my feet still sweat
    maybe i just have crazy feet?
  10. ^^^My feet still sweat a bit in my CL flats....they are not cheap & are real leather, so IMO material is not always the excuse.
    I use some baby powder which helps a lot. Put more around the areas that seem more sweaty than usual, a little in the shoe too would help a bit more.
  11. I spray deodrant spray or Sally Hansen's foot spray to prevent sweating and odor. They work great! I do not use Odor eater types because they smell funky... like some sort of granny medication smell.

    Also, I know this is weird, I carry antibacterial wipes around and wipe my feet when I am in the bathroom. I am just really paranoid about smell in general than an average person!
  12. A little baby powder does the trick for me. Also gets rid of your shoes' tendencies to, uh... fart.
  13. I have the same problem and my feet always sweat in heels. What is the best trick?
  14. I use a deodorant stick to swipe the bottom of my feet a couple of times each morning. I still wear socks though.
  15. Spray deodorant.