sweaters that shed

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  1. what do you do about sweaters that shed? i just got a beautiful sweater in the mail, but i tried it on and everything is covered it in, little bits of white on my wool black skirt, wool black coat... is there any way to prevent this or avoid it? please help! i don't want to return it but i don't want to look like a snowman either. :smile:
  2. anyone else have this prob with abercrombie sweaters?
  3. I hate when that happens! what is the material? I used to have a few abercrombie hoodies that shed little fleece fuzzies and then a few abercrombie angora sweaters that were generally well behaved. If it doesn't shed once ur wearing it and only while putting it on, etc. then just get one of those lint removing tape thingys to clean up ur skirt and stuff. i've heard of people washing the sweaters and then while wet and then brushing them before drying. I haven't tried it so don't know but it'll proably get better once it's worn for a while.
  4. I've read several times something about freezing the sweater before use. I don't know the details unfortunately, like if you only put it in for x amount of time, or if it's before each use or just once when you first buy it... but I know I've read it in more than one publication.
  5. thanks!