Sweater tied around shoulder--preppy style

  1. What type of sweaters (button down, v neck, turtleneck, etc.) are used to tie aroudn the shoulders? And i know this sounds stupid but i can't seem to tie my sweater without a huge bump around the neck....

    Can anyone post a tutorial or pictures?
  2. I believe light cardigans look great around the shoulders, either button up or no buttons!
  3. I do this with my lightweight crewnecks and cardigans. The ones that look best on me are my cashmere and merino wool ones. I just loop one of the sleeves loosely over the other. Another alternative for heavier sweaters is to put the cuffs together and roll one over the other (like pairing socks).
  4. I use my cardigans, but my boyfriend has used a light sweater before too, and I think it looks fine.
  5. cardigans or just light sweaters by ralph lauren