Sweater string broke off

I bought a sweater from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I've worn it a few times. There are no buttons or zippers to close the sweater up, just two strings on each side that you can tie. One of the strings broke today. The sale was in July and it's December. Is this something I can take back or exchange at Nordstroms? Or do I just take it for what it is?

I'm not trying to take advantage of their policy, I just thought the quality of the material would hold up better given that it's from a quality store.

Please let me know your opinions.
Aug 31, 2009
You can take it back for a refund (although that's kind of a long period of time), but I can pretty much guarantee they won't have it in stock anymore (I'm a Nordstrom employee). Most of the anniversary merchandise was sent to the Rack months ago.