sweater repair?

  1. does anyone have any recs for places where I can have a sweater repaired? I noticed that there's a small hole in my new wool sweater and I can't return it coz I already removed the tag. I also wanna have this cashmere sweater that I have repaired. I tried googling this and I found one website, knitwear doctor, has anyone tried that place? any recs would be really appreciated. I'm depressed bout my new sweater :crybaby:
  2. ok thanks
  3. I usually just sew the hole together myself with tiny stitches that don't show. Sorry to hear about your sweater!
  4. ^ Me too. Do you know a place that does alterations? I'd ask them if they do it and/or know of someone that can fix it.
  5. Toshi's reweaving in Beverly Hills 310-274-3468. I found their info from los angeles mag & I think lucky mag recommended them a few years back too. She does not do alterations, only reweaving of holes etc. I've been to her 2 times with mixed results. I took a dark sweater in & she did an excellent job. The second time I brought in my fiancee's white sweater. She did a good job in stitching the hole but she placed this large piece of white fabric behind it to reinforce the area. Well since it's white everything shows through so you can see there's a shadow of something underneath. I'd only take in dark items. Her prices start from like $20-25 for small holes.
  6. I use French American Reweaving in New York for knitwear repairs. They do very good work.
  7. oh wow do they really start prices @ $45? How about this other place called Alice Zotta? Have you heard about them?
  8. if it's only a small hole.. try to sew it if you can...
  9. As others have said, if it's a small hole it's easy to repair yourself. Here's some info on darning from Wikipedia but if you Google you can probably find a tutorial.
  10. Oh, I feel your pain. I had the most gorgeous cashmere cowl neck that I wore until the elbows wore out. Sometimes you just have to let the things go, unfortunately. It's probably worth a try, but some things are just too delicate to last forever.