Sweater or No Sweater?

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  1. I'm trying to figure out what kind of sweater I should wear with this outfit and what color should it be? Or should I just throw a scarf around my neck and forget the sweater?
  2. Cropped gray Cardi
  3. Really depends on what you are wearing it for. Work? Dinner? Drinks? Shopping?
  4. I'm just wearing it all day and night downtown with my boyfriend
  5. you can bring a black blazer or cardigan when it gets cold in the evening.
  6. I think a snug, grey cardi would complement it well and not be too heavy to carry around all day.
  7. for day I would wear them with scarf, night come I would have big loose cardi sweater. Grey is the best choice color.
  8. I would go for a grey cardi as well, even heavier knit would work.
  9. Im thinking chunky grey card too.... or cashmere shawl or pashmina.... or how about a cashmere poncho either thin or chunky... I guess it depends on what you own!

    What are you thinking of wearing with it... let us see the options?
  10. yup -sweater needed - you'll be chilly in seatle without one I would assume.
  11. Grey cardigan open , no sweater :yes:
    This beautiful red should be seen
  12. Definitely grey - it will be beautiful with a fine gauge sweater and you won't catch a chill!