Sweater coat-yay or nay?

  1. [​IMG]
  2. what will you be wearing under it? if it's going to be a really figure-skimming top and a figure flattering bottom, then yes. if you're going to be wearing it over a tee/sweater or whatever, then NO!
  3. I'd like it better if it had buttons rather than a zipper. Love the shape and color, though!! You thinking of getting it, Nishi?
  4. Very cute!! I'd even consider buying it!
  5. yay!, I would look very cute worn with jeans,white tee,and black leather boots =D
  6. I am looking for something lightweight to wear as a jacket. I have a closet full of warm coats or jackets and nothing light-ish to wear. you know what I mean?

    Oh, and I am a big jeans girl, sometimes khakis. so-I thought this might be a good choice for light jacket-now I am not sure
  7. I like it but would vote "nay" if you could find something similar with buttons instead of the long zipper.
  8. ^^same, the zipper and that particular sash cheapens it to me, but if you get a robe one or with buttons, that would look really chic and classy.
  9. I agree. Love the color though!
  10. Yay! Its really cute!
  11. yay
    Though it would look cute with buttons instead of a zipper.
  12. yay.....I think it's so cute i would buy it.
  13. It's all about the sweater coat. I love it.
  14. Yay! Over a black unitard or leggings with platform pumps or wedges, or worn with black knee-high boots
  15. I love it. That grey is TDF.