Sweater Cardigan as a Dress?

  1. Not the same one I'm considering but it's very close.

    Do you think this sweater cardigan could be worn as a dress?

    If so, how? (No, I refuse to wear leggings....)

    Thanks! :flowers:


  2. Without leggings, not without your ass cheecks hangin out I'm afraid. lol
  3. It looks a bit too short to be worn as a dress... I guess it really depends on how tall you are.
  4. I agree. If you don't want to wear it with legging how about skinny jeans?
  5. It's not the same as the one pictured. It's a little longer. It's actually longer than some of my skirts. :biggrin:

    What I really wanted to figure out is if a long sweater cardigan could be worn as a dress.... It's nipped a little at the waist but not that fitted....
  6. If it's longer then sure (although won't you be cold?). A wide-ish belt would look great with it. Man, I wish I had the figure to pull off something like that.

    BTW - where's that pic from, I love the pants.

  7. ITA! :lol:

    If it does cover your bottom, maybe with very opaque tights? But, if you're wearing boots, what's the difference between them and leggings?

    I saw a pic of Victoria Beckham wearing a very short tunic with over-the-knee socks (and a strip of bare thigh), but I certainly wouldn't, even if I was as thin as her (and I'm no prude!)! :biggrin:

    This sort of thing is what leggings are made for, IMO. :yes:

    ETA: Sorry, I missed your post saying that it's longer. :shame: Well then, IMO, you could easily wear it as a dress (with or without tights). :yes:
  8. Love the style, especially with tights.
  9. I think it'll work beautifully cinched with a belt. :yes: Sorta like a shirt dress almost.

    And as Cal says, I sure wish I had the figure to wear this cardi as a dress! :crybaby:
  10. The picture is from Saks, I believe it's Theory.
  11. i used to wear that with skinny jeans! it'll look great, i also don't like leggings
  12. Sonya: Hi, you can easily wear this season's sweater dress with skinny black jeans (an alternative of leggings). Another alternative is that you can wear a shirt that has a thick collar with french cuffs and pumps. It's a great autumn wear. Pair them with this season's ankle booties as well...it's more than fabulous! :biggrin:
  13. Shirt with thick collar with French cuffs? Any suggestions?

    Would it have to be a very long shirt then?

    I love this idea! I'm going to wear it with a white dress shirt with a tie that I'm going to tie in a large bow off-kilter ... or maybe a Viktor & Rolf wide collared shirt....

    Thanks! :flowers:
  14. hey sonya: haha. always bumping into you for every thread. yes, you should wear a long shirt-make sure the sleeves of the SWEATER DRESS "tucks" into the french cuffs. (i'm sure you know what i mean..) you can spice it up by typing SHORT black ribbon into tiny bows instead of using cufflinks. it'll look very chic. and remember to wear it with high pumps or ankle booties i told you about. another alternative of the shirt is that famous YSL ruffled shirt from this season. they've got it in white and brown. erin o'connor wore it recently.

    post pics!!!!!!
  15. The problem is, it's so hard to find long shirts like that.... Do you know of any brands that sell them? Wouldn't it almost have to be a shirt dress?

    What about this Yves Saint Laurent shirt?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]