Swayze defends Mel Gibson too!

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  1. Gibson is 'a wonderful human being', Swayze told GMTV in an interview aired Monday. 'He is not anti-Semitic'. He said most people can behave foolishly without creating a public stir, but stars live under far greater scrutiny. He also said the incident certainly would not end Gibson's career.

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  2. I think there is already a thread on this subject so I am assuming the mods will merge these threads.

    Others (like Jodie Foster and some others) have defended him as not being anti-semitic.

    Yes, Mr. Swayze, he is a great human being who drives drunk, insults female officers, gays and Jews.

    IMO, he is a danger to society, homophobic and anti-semitic.
  3. Great, now I can cross Swayze off my list of stars I like. Boo Patrick!!!!
  4. Agreed!
  5. Exactly !!! Stars do live under far greater scrutiny,if you or I had pulled a stunt like this it wouldn't make the headlines.

    I don't feel star status should put them above the law by any means.
    Drunks are prone to insulting others when caught in situations such as Mel Gibson.l believe he would have insulted any officer regardless of gender in his drunken condition.

    I seriouly doubt that the officer who happened to pulled him over had never been insulted before she ran into Mel:shrugs:.

    The media needs to move on to something else and everyone else needs just get over it,in the scheme of things it's not the most important thing going on in the world.

    I wish him the best with his rehab,his so called homophobic and anti-semitic beliefs are his to bear.Sorry if my opinion on this subject offends you but the last time I looked we were still intitled to our own opinions in America.
  6. Its not even the whole anti semetic thing. (Which makes me sick). How can you support any DRUNK DRIVER! Its pathetic. I wonder how supportive he would have been if Mel would have crashed into a mini van and killed a family.
  7. "Nobody puts Mel Gibson in a corner!"

    Oh, Patrick, nothing you have to say is relevant to the world. Go back to recording your hip hop album.
  8. :lol:

    I think Patrick is still mad at Baby's father for blaming him for getting the blonde chick pregnant.
  9. HA HA!! So funny!!
  10. But you or I don't have the power to make films that accuse Jewish people of killing Christ.

    As for the media and us getting over it, we are in the Celebrity Section of a handbag forum. If we wanted to focus on the so called important things, we wouldn't be here.
  11. Speaking for myself I don't advocate drinking and driving by anyone,period.Mel should be charged and held accountable like any other citizen.
    We happen to live in a society that puts the wealthy on a frigging pedestal regardless of their actions, having a s:censor:tload of money definitely pays off in this world always has and always will,sad but true.

    BTW-Lawyers love doing battle for the high & mighty,it helps support their greedy habits.I've never met a lawyer with a conscience,they will gladly turn a blind eye if the payoff is large enough.
  12. Good point,I guess I'm just surprised people are still harping on this BS topic,hence my comments.
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