Swaying to a LV neverfull , Chanel only for me !


Feb 7, 2012
Hello ladies,

Really need your help and your wise suggestions.
I like the design of the LV neverfull, but only wanted Chanel , is there anything out there that I can get that does the same job?
Loved the Cambon , with the black leather & great pink interior , but sad to know it's been discontinued.
Just want a Chanel bag that I don't have to baby & can throw around , with room enough for purse, cosmetic bag, keys & have room enough to throw in children's rain coats if needed & a scarf for me .
Is it wrong to go over to LV ??


Jul 9, 2013

First of all, i don't see anything wrong with buying an LV or any other brand for that matter. If you like the bag. Why not? Just buy what you like! For me it's just the other way around. I was all about LV, but now i'm going to get my first Chanel, but that doesn't mean i'm done with LV. I own a neverfull GM and it is a great big bag, i use it a lot in the summer, going to the beach etc. It really does fit a lot. I'm not really sure if Chanel has something like the neverfull, as i'm a Chanel newbie, but i'm getting the cerf/executive tote at the end of next month, maybe also an option for you? Not as big as the neverfull GM, but it also fits quite a lot, not sure about the raincoats though ;). Good luck!


Jan 12, 2006
I love Chanel the most and completely love my NF. Why do you have to limit yourself?
A NF and a GST offer VERY different things. A NF offers zero worry, casual, no maintenance, much less expensive, etc. . .


Jan 4, 2013
I was in the exact same predicament, lol...I needed a Neverfull type bag ( for kids) but did not want LV. I tried to find a Chanel or even Dior to make work....but at the end of the day the LV Neverfull is a true 'work horse' bag. It was one of my smartest purchases ( Damier by the way ). It sits in my car half the time as I usually grab Chanel half moon WOC to bring into stores etc. The neverfull is so easy though...holds a ton, light weight, doesn't show marks, can handle bit of rain or weather, can sit in the grass or sand and no big deal. It really doesn't match my 'style' per se, but it's still a nice bag that serves an important purpose in mommy life right now. Good luck deciding.


May 26, 2010
What's so terrible about choosing the Neverfull, especially if it fits your needs? I know I would love to be able to afford one. There's such a thing as brand loyalty but there's no need to be snobby. Just my opinion.

South Beach

Jun 20, 2012
You might try the largest version GST. However like the other TPFer s - I too own the largest NF and I can honestly say - it owes me nothing, from the day I bought it when they first debuted. No babying , super light weight and talk about functional - all day long. I made a base to give it stability and that made a huge difference. Don't get me wrong I LOVE Chanel , but the LV NF is in a different league.

Good luck! SB
Jul 19, 2008
As other members have said there is certainly nothing wrong with going over to LV! Choose what you like and what's practical for you. If it is a question of colour and pattern, maybe the Neverfull Epi Noir could be suitable as it is very underestimated and in Coco's favourite colour, black.

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May 25, 2013
nothing wrong to own LV when you love Chanel. i have both the GST and the neverfull mm. for me, they both serve different purposes. i grab my neverfull for times when i need to carry a lot and don't need to baby the bag. the GST is gorgeous but you can't really pack it up to the brim just like you would with the neverfull coz you don't want to destroy its beautiful structure. the neverfull is casual for me while the GST is also casual but can go with a suit for work to meetings if you must. i recommend getting both then you have the best of both worlds :smile: hope this helps and good luck deciding! do post what you end up getting.


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Nov 30, 2008
i don't think "wrong" is the correct choice in words when going over to a different brand. based on what you're looking for in a bag (lots of room), i suggest GST XL as well though NF would be just as adequate