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  1. Hello!

    I am so pleased to have many lovely emails regarding our new spring colours and the new glossy pebbled leathers. The new colours really are so exciting! Thank you for being in touch with me!

    I have actually just found that we do not have swatches of the new leathers yet. We are quite glad to send them when we do. I have heard there was a swatch sharing group last year where the lot of samples was mailed from person to person. Did that work well and do you suggest we do this again when the swatches are received by us? Kindly do let me know what everyone thinks! You are always welcome to send me an email or I will try to check here again to see.

    Have a fabulous evening (or day) everyone!!

    xx Rose
  2. A swatch sharing group sounds good to me... Anyone else?
  3. Yes, yes:yes: please!
  4. Yes, sign me up!
  5. Sounds okay to me, but can't this take awhile.......I still haven't received my first swatch yet.
  6. ^wow- yeh, that can be a problem- if it takes too long then we may miss some bespokes, and some colors may run out
    Anyone have any other suggestions?
  7. I would prefer to receive the specific swatches that I'minterested in, then pass them along a bit later when I'm done with them. Maybe two or three swatch books could be produced for different geo. regions and then passed around to a specific list with a set schedule? That can be a nightmare to coordinate, though.
  8. I'd also like to have the specific swatches I'd requested as well. While a great idea, the swatch sharing will take a long time as we live in different counties -lots of shipping time in between.
  9. One option would be for someone at BE to take pics. of swatches or rolls of leather (in good lighting, to accurately represent the colors). The small squares of color originally posted are enough to pique my interest, but not to seal the deal. They're not big enough and they don't provide a sense of the leather texture. I liked the pic. that Contessa posted of the actual leather in one of the wine pebbled glossy threads. Although it still would be great to see a swatch in person, I felt like that pic. gave a good enough idea of the color and leather for me to make a decision that I want it.
  10. Great idea all around!
  11. BE comes up with some fantastic leathers, and I think that having a sample card with the different leathers available would be very helpful in letting customers decide which ones are best and if the idea of a particular leather meets their expectations. For example, it could be something as simple as a tri-fold brochure with small leather samples stapled to it with a brief description. They could put these together and then simply drop one in the mail when a customer has questions about the leathers available.
  12. love this idea!!

    Love citychris's points about good photos, too.
  13. I'd settle for good pics of the leather, preferably even a bag!:nuts: I mean, it's not rocket science is it ...?
  14. Yes Yes Yes:tup::idea: Great idea Tejas
  15. Great ideas but I really love to feel the leather - especially if it's a texture I've not felt before in BE -I'd be fine w/ Crash photos of new colors, but a new texture leather, I'd really like to feel it.