Swatches for F/W 2010 - official Balenciaga swatches on page 41, post 615

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    Just recieved photos of the color chart today (Thanks Jo! xoxo)
    They seem a bit dark to me?...I saved them in my photobucket and used auto-fix to see if they would brighten a bit?

  2. :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  3. Yay!!!!:woohoo::yahoo:
  4. i like the rose, thanks for sharing!
  5. bleu roi :love:
  6. Me too! It's beautiful :heart:
  7. More!! :yahoo:


  8. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. I love blue roi!!
  9. SWEET!!!! Rose, Sahara and Bleu Roi look AMAZING!! Thank you Susan!
  10. I am really liking blue roi!!:graucho:
  11. Sigh n I thought my credit card is safe. Love the red, rose, n blue roi. Thx for sharing..
  12. Me too! blue roi!:p
  13. I like Pivoine (it means "peony", just looked it up!), Bleu Roi and Cypres.

    Was hoping for a burgundy, though (like grenat)!
  14. People with anthracite bags, do you think 2010 anthra is similar?
  15. Hooray!!! Bleu roi!