Swatch Watches

  1. Hi All.

    Any of you know about the latest craze of swatch watches.. there is this gold limited edition watch THAT EVERYONE IS CRAZY FOR !!! anyone else heard about it?
  2. Wow! Swatches are still around? :smile: I remember wearing 2-3 of them at a time in high school:shame:
  3. LOL! My first Swatch watch was the pink one that had a raspberry scent :love: ! I have not heard about this latest craze, but it would be interesting to see!
  4. I know- i thought swatch was dead and dusted. even my 12 yrs old sister thninks they are crap. but appaenlty not now.. the gold one is taking up a storm!!
  5. hahahaha! ur 12 year old sister dosent like them 2 i bet u if u buy her one she'll like them!
  6. i used to work at a jewellery store that sold swatch watches.. they are pieces of sh*t . soo many costumers would come back and want their money back because 2 days later they'd be totally dead.
  7. wow really??/ i got the gold one i was talkin about. its just a big chunky godl watch bt it looks cool with godl acc. etc.
  8. oooh cool id love to see pics!
    a few years ago i was in the swatch ********** the louvre and saw this one called 'bunnysutra' well i found it absolutely hillarious and had my mum search for months and months to get me one :biggrin: i mean its the best watch ever its so fun lol
    it did break though but i got it repaired agian but i hardly wear it now, its all bulky and plastic lol
  9. ^^^I have a friends who's been collecting swatches since the 80's and adores them. I still have my old swatches. They are not the most durable of watches but I do love their whimsy.