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  1. Hi Sara:

    It's my opinion that everyone shouldn't be so trusting and take everything at face value....would you feel this way in other matters concerning yourself? Think about it...

    Great line from a book I'm reading:
    "Just because someone says it's so, doesn't make it true..."

  2. well yes. but no one is convincing me to buy her bags, i ask a question and it is answered. i bought a bag of my own volition and i love it. because of this i'm likely to buy another bag. it's really quite simple.
  3. Okay...when a car salesman who you do not know tells you that's the lowest price he can go, you believe him? Not trying to be argumentative, just want people to see things more clearly.
  4. lol wow...this is a lil surreal
  5. Magpie~If you have any evidence of your claims, you should make them public. You have made allegations and now you need to support them. All I know is that we have the opportunity to request bespoke orders. I've not felt pressured to participate. I choose my purchases carefully and am honest about what I can and cannot do. You have come on the BE threads and stirred the pot. I would like to know why you are doing this.
  6. You people think I'm making this up?? I JUST RECEIVED A THREAT! (User then cancelled their account). THIS IS NO JOKE. Contacting law enforcement.
  7. Could you let us know who the user was? If you want us to take you seriously, you have to give us more info than you are.
  8. I found this same post in another thread and responded the way you did. There is something seriously wrong with these posts.
  9. I don't care if you take me seriously. What's wrong with you? A THREAT IS A THREAT, AND IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER. Law enforcement contacted.
  10. What is going on??
  11. This is out of control.

    Magpie we find it hard to believe you since you are not a regular poster with us BE ladies and you have not provided us with any proof of your claims. The people that you accuse are people that we do know. So if you want us to believe you, you are going to have to provide us with some proof of what you are saying. Posting in bold letters that you received a threat is very hard for us to believe if we aren't given any more information than this.
  12. ^^^^^well said^^^^. I PM'd Magpie to talk but maybe you are not there or maybe this is all a hoax.

    Either way, as the beatles sang "let it be"
  13. Thank you, Karenina. You couldn't have said it better!
  14. I think there may be a Sofa King in her future!
  15. Us BE ladies have to stick up for each other! :yes:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.