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  1. TropicalGal ~ you raise excellent points!! Buying sight unseen is not for most. Pricey trans-Atlantic returns are highly unappealing. This is something the merchant must consider when selling via the internet to a global market. Likewise, it is something a buyer must consider when purchasing sight unseen based on reviews found on a forum such as ours without knowing these BE ladies first-hand.

    Personally, I have never met anyone here. If I bumped into any of you on the street, I would not recognize you. If you were carrying your BE bag and we got to chatting in person and could reference specific posts, I might recall something. Although, is it not this level of communication upon which we have based our very first BE purchase?

    Ultimately, it is in what we say to each in what we read about Jackie...and trust in what we encounter when a BE product arrives to our home ~ for those who take the plunge to get this far.

    What would you consider a fair and equitable compromise between buyer and seller? I get the small workshop model and enjoy its benefits; however, for a company like this to survive, something must give to allow potential buyers to trust themselves to make their first BE purchase off the BE web site without seeing/feeling/smelling sample swatches in advance if they are not available.

    I'm just tossing this out here for discussion. Would you be more apt to buy if you knew you could return the bag and recoup your return shipping cost and not be charged custom duty? Hypothetically, what if Jackie discounted the very first purchase to cover return shipping if the buyer decided the bag didn't work out, contingent, of course, on the bag being returned in its same condition? And, if the buyer decides to keep the bag, the buyer receives a nice little discount ~ again, what do you think? This would only be applicable to the first purchase per buyer, as an incentive...what do you think? And, how about the inclusion of up to three sample swatches with each purchase, and/or, perhaps, a brochure of available colors?

    I've read repeatedly that Jackie wants this something that you TropicalGal would find helpful? What about everyone else ~ what do you think?

  2. sounds like this came from a Belen Echandia marketing brochure! I admit to wondering lately which "member(s) of tPF are either affiliated with Jackie...or her company... ;)

  3. OK, I admit it...I'm a SAHPM (stay-at-home-pet mom, a.k.a. retired) and in my past professional life I was a buyer, procurement agent, sub-contracts administrator, etc at top companies on the Fortune get the point ;)...hubby makes a fair living and I enjoy collecting far more than any human should ever consider collecting. :hrmm:

    And, every now and then, my past returns to haunt me when I read concerns from buyers (as I once did this for far too long than I ever wish to admit to anyone!). I even moved cross-country to escape my former corporate entity...just not my bag of tea!!

    And credit card account is deeply affiliated with BE to the tune of mid-four figure range, or, at least will be once I am billed for my fall order. :wtf:

    I haven't seen any signs of this here with BE...although, I have encountered some posts that were highly unkind to a handbag distributor who never solicits anything and is incredibly helpful to potential buyers.

  4. Deep in thought...
  5. dsrk, I could always tell you were knowledgeable about the business and that knowledge is highly welcome! You are also a very articulate writer, BTW. As someone who enjoys writing, I admire that gift in others!

    magpie, I know this is all new and unusual for you, so I don't blame you for thinking it all a bit odd, but honestly, I don't get the feeling that Jackie, Ashley or anyone who works for B.E. is working the forum undercover. Not that I don't think they read posts from time to time, but I don't get the feeling from talking with Jackie that she would ever do that. I have really good instincts about people, and I can tell that Jackie is golden and that she runs her business very ethically.
  6. magpie! ~ what do you think about an incentive to make an initial purchase knowing you could return the bag and not be out any cash? And, in addition, receiving up to three sample leather swatches as well as a color brochure showing all the available colors? And, if you keep the bag, you benefit from the discount. If you opt to return the bag (same condition, of course), you use the discount to cover return postage. This being a one-shot deal as an introductory incentive ~ would it assuage your concerns as a potential buyer?

    Would this sway you to purchase a handbag from a relatively new company with rave reviews from women you have never met before or ever laid eyes upon? Would you feel more comfortable buying from a company overseas with only images to rely upon?

    What do you think? What do others think?
  7. That's a good idea you've come up with there. It's hard to put myself in the place of a new buyer since I know about the quality and trust Jackie implicitly. Also, I've seen her go out of her way to make the ladies on this board happy within reason, so I have the highest regard for her already. But, if I were a new buyer who knows nothing about Jackie nor BE, a discount such as the one you've put forward would be appealing.
  8. Thank you valkyrie360 ~ your words are far too kind!! :flowers:

    Like you, I don't get any readings of undercover work from the BE horizon...they are too small and lean of a company to spare the time or effort.

    And, if they want to know something, all they have to do is ask us or read their email...the ladies here are happy and pleased to help Jackie by sharing their personal insights; and Jackie, in turn, is happy to listen closely, as recently told to us by sara999 regarding a particular leather treatment product that may appear on the BE web site under leather care.

    I am, however, very interested in hearing what you ladies think about incentives to purchase ~ especially considering tumbling economies, tightened budgets, and lack of available leather swatches (to get back to topic).

    If I didn't have my years of procurement experience, I would not trust buying from strangers sight unseen based upon reviews from people I've never met in my life and know nothing about.

    I know people here are interested albeit reserved and for good reason ~ to prevent shelling out a quarter of a grand on a product they have never seen, never felt, never tried on, and are completely unsure about their color choices, as colors viewed online often do not reflect the true character of the is near impossible to depict a 3-D object on a 2-D format. This is where trust and (subjective) imagination play an extremely important role ~ trust in the in the in reviews written by in one's own perception of the color...and, ultimately, trust in what one imagines the product will do for the it will make the consumer think, feel, and view oneself when she looks at the product, wears it, uses it, sees how others respond to it. Think about it...this is a LOT of trust.

    Above said, if there are no swatches to be seen IRL, or too few to go around, then what?

  9. Please don't insult my intelligence. Give it up already. The cat is out of the bag.

    It's one thing for Jackie and/or associates to read tPF for what customers think; or post on with us knowing you are affiliated with the's quite another for them to "pretend" to be "just tPF members" and post entries to try to unfairly influence and sway the purchasing decisions tPF's are making. It's unethical, and Jackie should be ashamed of herself.

    You made a few mistakes (perhaps you can figure it out), the game is over. I have been played, along with all the others, and boy do I feel foolish and taken advantage of. Shame on you all!

    Anyone that need any more information on this, please PM me.


  10. magpie! ~ what on earth are you talking about? Who is insulting your intelligence? Give what up? What cat is out of what bag?

    Who is pretending to be just a tPF member? Who is affiliated with Jackie's company, other than Jackie and Ashley?

    What is unethical? Why should Jackie be ashamed of herself?

    What mistakes are you referring to?

    Who is trying to unfairly influence and sway purchasing decisions of anyone?

    You have been played? By whom? Who else has been played, and by whom?

    Why on earth do you feel foolish? Because you are making leaps and bounds with your unverifiable assertions? Until you requested to view swatch samples from me, and other than the thread I posted about a possible bespoke order for a Fuchsia LMM with Silver hardware, I have never conversed with you ever on tPF, not to my knowledge.

    You have no idea with whom I have conversed privately, and after reading your outrageous accusations, you obviously have not read in entirety all the posts I have posted to date on tPF.

    I am not ashamed of myself as I have done nothing wrong, and, TO BE CLEAR, I am contacting both Vlad and Megs about your complete, total, and absurd accusations. If anything ~ SHAME ON YOU for venturing to be so bold when you do not know me, have never met me, and clearly haven't a clue about any of my affiliations ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    WOW, it is one thing to make such bold accusations on a public forum without posting verifiable evidence, and quite another to have actual confirmed proof.

    Is it not the choice of an individual to decide what one wishes to purchase?

    Using your logic, any review for any handbag may be used to support your fallacious argument with no verifiable source, whatsoever, no less ~ that it is a conspired construction to sway the decisions of potential buyers.

    Did it ever occur to you to take the time and make the effort to do some extensive research by reading ALL of my posts before drawing your ridiculous ill-founded conclusion(s)? Based upon your post, I take this as a loud resounding NO!

    I do not take such accusations lightly and you will truly be ashamed of yourself when you cannot support your false claims.

  11. Me thinks you doth protest too much.

    My opinion is that you wouldn't be so angry and overreact if there was not some shred of truth in my comments. What did I actually accuse you of?

    My guess is that Jackie will post a long, personal heartfelt statement, and perhaps try to portray me as a dissatisfied or disgruntled customer.

    I also knew you would threaten to report me Vlad and Megs...go ahead, I plan on voicing my concerns to them as well. The purse form is for opinions: mine as well as yours.

    And how do you know I didn't read most, if not all, of your posts? :smile:

    I'm entitled to my opinion, and to share it with others. I have never stated anything malicious, profane, or against the tPF rules. I think others have the right to their opinion, and to hear others as well.
  12. Hhhhmmmmmmmmmmm..................... :confused1:
  13. mmmmm. when i spoke to jackie she told me that she registered on the purse forum because one of her customers told her to but she has never been here (since the day she registered) and employs no people to work on tpf on her behalf. she has neither the manpower nor the means to do this. plus i know that i would be worried if jackie did have time to sit here on tpf and encourage us to purchase her bags. she's a businesswoman and i'd be scared if she had so much time and so little to do that she sat on here all day instead of running her company. i know that other companies employ many people to browse fashion related forums to keep tabs on general opinion and challenges to their brand but i did hear it right from the horse's mouth...jackie hasn't done this herself. she doesn't feel comfortable reading the posts on tpf, she doesn't consider it to be appropriate. it isn't 'her' place. it is 'our' place (in her exact words).

    i don't know what's going on...i can only pass on what has been told to me.
  14. Thanks for the offer, but I really don't want to delay the route even more! :yes: I'm sure whatever color I end up choosing, I'll end up loving in the end. :love:
  15. paintednightsky ~ you're welcome!

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