swatch full blooded in gold

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  1. what do you all think of the swatch "full blooded" in gold?? i am loving it as a big, clunky gold watch!
  2. Full blooded? Do you mean coated? Dipped? I'm not a Swatch fan-at least not since I wore four im my ponytail in 6th grade!
  3. that's the name of the watch! it actually has been around for a while . . .
  4. I had to google it to see what it looks like but I think it might be a fun watch!
  5. i think this was the watch i saw on a friends friend recently. i loved it on her and it looked great, but when i went to the store to look at it, i was underwhelmed - personally thought it looked better from afar. i know she loved it, however, and said she always got compliments on it, as well as surprise that it was a swatch!
  6. I like it alot. I was gonna get it, but decided on the gold Micheal Kors one instead.