SWAT is outside of my house!

  1. I just went to leave for a deposition and I hear someone go, "You need to get back inside." It was a lady. I thought she was yelling at her kids or a dog so I didn't pay any attention. Then she goes, "MA'AM, you need to get back inside!" I look down and there is a lady in SWAT gear with a gun standing two houses down. I just said, "Oh, sh%*" and ran back inside. So now I'm stranded in here wondering what's going on and had to call the office to get someone else to cover my depo. Guess I'll spend some time on tPF instead of working then.
  2. Wow! Give us a play by play! (I am totally using this excuse to get out of work tomorrow ;))
  3. best.




  4. rofl! ITA!!

    please keep posting so we know what's going on?? I hope it's not serious but duh, SWAT's there.
  5. :lol:
  6. Wow, this is crazy. Keep us posted. :popcorn:

  7. I think I should go put the chain on my door just in case the guy comes down the street and needs a bag for the money he stole!
  8. ^^ hurry! run and do that now!
  9. seriously, I hope this works out without any innocent people getting hurt.
  10. I just went to put the chain on my door and realized I ran inside the house so fast I forgot to even lock the door at all! :nuts:

    Good thing thinking of my bags made me think to put the chain on.
  11. I was just thinking that, stay away from your windows, make sure they are latched and lock your doors. THough, i'm sure your house is being watched, but STILL!
  12. bags to the rescue again!

    be careful!
  13. That's crazy! You seem so calm! I'd be a disaster.