Swarovski jewelry

  1. Do you have any Swarovski pieces in your jewelry collection? How do you like wearing them? What about their quality (did it break, etc.). Post pics if you have any!

  2. I have a lot of the Daniel Swarovski mesh pieces. :biggrin: I mainly wear the pieces when my husband and I go out to a lounge/club or trendy restaurant. I don't wear any of it as "everyday" pieces.

    I've had a few issues with a couple of pieces and Swarovski has excellent customer service. They'll either repair it, give you a new piece if it's still available or allow you to choose a new comparable price piece.
  3. importerswife
    love your pices they look soooo fun to play and mix´n´match with :flowers:

    i do not own any custom jewelry myself i just do not find them appealing on me but that is a cultural thing also i guess. ;)
  4. All of your pieces are simply STUNNING!!!! Thank you for sharing!
  5. I like the mesh bracelets. I bet they sparkle like crazy under the disco lights.

    I like pieces from the couture line. I would love to have something customed made. :love:
  6. Those are all fabulous, but I think my favorite piece from everything you have is the rectangle choker with the leather (is that leather?) straps and dangles. I would so find ways to rock that everyday. lol

    Some of the pieces I make are made with Swarovski crystals. I've never had any major problems with them.

    The only issues I've had were caused my intial inexperience. When I first started out, I had issues measuring my spacing for wire wrapping the crystals accurately and I would have some extra wire that I was trying to squeeze into a small spot so the piece wouldn't scratch when worn. That usually ended up cracking or breaking the crystal, at which point I had to throw it away and recycle the sterling. I've only done that about a handful of times, which is good so I haven't lost the use of many crystals. :smile:

    Just for show, here are two mesh bracelets - one is still for sale and the other has sold:

    Garden of Crystals Bracelet with Swarovski Crystals

    Swarovski Crystal Wrap Bracelet - $80

    I have others, but most never made it to posting as I made a ton during the holiday show season last year and they sold before I had a chance to post them.
  7. i love your collection!! wow!

    I like swarvokskis stuff, i find they last a long time and really sparkle when you need that added touch
  8. Holy cow Yazmin! That first one is just stunning. I love it. I need to learn how to do more weaving. I did a simple weave with Swarovskis and really like it. It's called Victoria's Secret and is on my Etsy page. I need to get some better photos.

    Did you teach yourself or work from a pattern or something? It's just fantastic!!! And that price is awfully good too!

    I love Swarovski crystals. They sparkle like none other! I've never owned actual Swarovski jewelry, but I make and wear jewelry made with Swarovski. =D
  9. Thanks! It was my first one like that and took me quite a bit to work it. I'm much faster now, but they still take a chunk of time. And as long as I can buy the crystals online instead of my local store, I do well in keeping the prices down.

    I did learn that one from a pattern. I'm really more of a wire worker than a bead weaver. But I love the way they the crystals look all bunched together.
  10. Well, I am SUPER impressed. :smile: I'm neither wire worker nor bead weaver ... I'm a little of everything. Can't quite pin down just one style so I do a little of everything. LOL That one bracelet just really grabbed me.
  11. I love Swarovski and design a lot with them-TheImportersWife; your collection is stunning I especially like the Union Jack:love:

    My most requested piece of all time was a simple line bracelet made with emerald, dark sapphire, ruby and crystal ab with some vermeil accents-I seriously adore the way the crystals look like the most exquisite gemstones :yes:

    Aprettyrock-Very impressive! Those pieces must be TDF in person!

    Casto-I'm like you, I do a little this a little that I do a lot of wire work and a lot of stringing tried weaving but oh no cant work with Delicas only for little accents-they are too small! So much talent here-I am currently commisioned for 3 wedding parties, but when I am done maybe we can have a "show" here on tPF!
  12. Next week i will come back to my country home ^_^ so now i packed everything in lugguage so i can't take pic but i have got more than 20 stuffs of Swarovski and i love all of them . They are very cute .
  13. Thanks! That is a GREAT idea! Our very own online Jewelry part! LOL :smile:
  14. I have a couple of necklaces one that I wear alot and the quality of it truly last.
  15. Thank you! I think they really are so much prettier in person.

    My best friend is currently sporting the Garden of Crystals bracelet. Her MIL bought it for her for her birthday and had me make coordinating earrings and a necklace for it. It all came out so pretty. I'll have to post it sometime in my blog to show off the set.