Swarovski Crystal Jewelry - Yay or Nay???


Swarovski Crystal Jewelry - Yay or Nay?

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  1. ...and why???

    TIA!!! ;)
  2. i love how there are so many different colors of swarovski! even the tiniest crystals spakle incredibly as well
  3. I absolutely love Swarovski jewelry! They are so sparkly and sooo pretty!! :heart:
  4. Another yay vote! I love that they have so many designs so you're bound to find something you like!
  5. Thanks for your opinions and votes ladies!

    I found another thread about Swarovski jewelry and read that it's really popular in Europe too. So I guess I can't really go wrong with Swarovski jewelry!
  6. I love Swarovski jewelry...something about it makes it so beautiful. My favorite piece is my "evenstar" pendant with Swarovski crystals...the necklace worn in Lord of the Rings...I know a bit cheesy, but I love it!
  7. Hmm...I'm wondering about the reasoning behind the 1 nay vote...?
  8. I'm a fan of Swarovski jewelry. I have several bracelets and earings and one necklace. I love all the colors and designs.
  9. i love swarovski jewellery. all my friends got me a swarovski tennis bracelet for my 18th birthday two weeks ago and its SO shiny and pretty i cant stop looking at it!
    my watch is also encrusted with swarovski crystals and its SO dressy and FUN! it doesn't stop sparkling!
    go for it :p
  10. You girls are convincing me!!!!!
  11. Definitely a yay. I love Swarovski and I think it's a very beautiful jewelry.
  12. i think it depends on the design. if it's well done it looks good. but i've seen alot where the stones are just too big and it looks tacky or the design is bad and the jewelry looks cheap.

    also depends on how much you're paying for it. i don't like to spend too much on jewelry that's not real.... that's just me though...
  13. Thanks - this was the type of feedback I was looking for! :yes:

    bubbleliciousis, when you mention cheap looking stuff, are you referring to jewelry you've seen that's made by Swarovski? Or jewelry made not by Swarovski but with Swarovski crystals? I have a feeling the cheap and tacky looking stuff is the latter type...do you agree? I think for the most part, jewelry by Swarovski is really pretty...

    Just curious...do you think of Swarovski crystals then as sort of "fake diamonds"? I'm wondering because that's what someone was telling me their opinion was...and that's why I started this thread... ;)
  14. Um...not that I take offense or anything... :crybaby: :p I make some of my jewelry using Swarovski jewelry and try real hard not to be "tacky" lol

    I do like jewelry made by Swarovski...but Swarovski crystals as a component of jewelry can be super stunning and classy. :smile:
  15. Swarovski crystals are really lovely. I use them in making my bracelets quite often. Swarovski also produces a line called Signity or Signity Star, that are cz or simulated diamonds -- quite striking in mixed gem jewelry.