Swarovski Crystal evening bag!

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  1. Just thought I would share!! I love it!!! I just got it yesterday~:yahoo:
    pics 112.jpg
  2. That's adorable :love: I love swarovski... :heart:
  3. love it!!!!!
  4. Oh my. Absolutely lovely!
  5. Beautiful!!! Enjoy it!
  6. so pretty - I love those bags
  7. b-ling! very fun and flashy
  8. i love crystal evening bags, i really want one for more formal occasions. its really pretty and im sure it will be something you can pass down to the next generation.
  9. OMG your bag is GORGEOUS:nuts:
    Congrats and enjoy it. I hope you have wonderful places to wear it.
  10. Very pretty!
  11. Ooooooh! I LOVE IT! Where did you get that, if you don't mind my asking?????
  12. Wow!! Maybe I should get something like this to go with my wedding dress...
  13. I wore it to a formal event last ngiht... it was perfect...I actually found it at a little boutique here called French kiss...its came in gold as well...and a smaller size too!
  14. That's gorgeous!
  15. I love swarovski!!! Your bag is gorgeous!!