Swarovski crystal covered shoes!!!!

  1. OMG I would so wear those bit*hes!! LOL Those are hot!
  2. Love those! I would wear them everywhere! well... would try
  3. I would so wear these. I love accessories with a lot of personality. OT but they remind me of CLs.
  4. they're hot and very glamorous!
    not maybe my style but i love them :love:
  5. DAMN!!! They are HOT!!!!!
  6. wow they are really nice!
  7. WOWOOW...love them...:tup: u can never have enough BLING...:graucho:
  8. I like them! I think they would be a little much if they were close-toed pumps, but I love them with the peep toe! They're really fun and flirty.
  9. They are HOT. I want a pair!
  10. :nuts: Those are hot!
  11. I love them and would definitely wear them.

    I guess there's no way of knowing if the crystals will fall off but it would be a shame to buy them and not wear them.
  12. Considering they are almost as expensive as Louboutins and a clear imitation, I would just go for crystal embellished Louboutins.
  13. I think I need those for my WEDDING!!!! Just a side note.... when I bought my Zanotti cowboy boots with Swarovski crystals, the SA at GZ told me that Swarovski guarantees the stones, and that they will fix/replace. I'm sure you'd have to send them in, etc., but hot shoes are worth a little maintenance!
  14. I have the Louboutin Strass heels with swarovski crystals and have worn them about four times. None of the crystals have fallen off yet.