Swapping Straps???

  1. OK, this may seem like an odd question, but do any of you multiple-Bal owners ever switch out the straps on your bags? I just got my very first Bal -- Gris Tarmac City, RH -- and I am in :love::love:, but sometimes I do wish the shoulder strap were longer, or better yet, adjustable. I've actually thought about my next bag being a Town or a Velo, partly so that I could switch the strap and wear the City as a cross-body.

    Does anyone out there do this? Or am I just crazy? :noggin:
  2. This question has been asked already. I can't seem to find the thread. But majority of people didn't swap straps from what I recall reading, unless the straps they were swapping with were the same colour as the bag.
  3. I sometimes use my black rggh city strap on my black rggh town. But I never think it looks quite right.
  4. Thanks. I couldn't find a thread either, although I can't imagine I'm the first person to ask this question!
  5. I would do it if they were the same color. I always wish every Bal had a cross-body strap.
  6. same with me. I just received my first City and I was so stupid that I didn't check what strap it had. Crossbody would have been MUCH better.
  7. I didn't swap the straps. But I added a new one on my black polka now I love her more than ever!
    Plus my other bal is red so... ha ha
  8. The only time I've done this is when I got a bag that didn't have a strap (Mogano GGH PT). Since I had (at the time) 2 Mogano Cities, I used the City strap for a bit. To tell you the truth, it actually seemed to fit better than the PT strap (which is quite wide!).
  9. Oh yeah. I would use my Olive City way more if it had a cross-body strap.
  10. I would if I had two that were the same color. I would consider having a special made strap over buying another bag just for teh strap. I know some people have had special straps made at leather straps at shoe/leather shops.