Swapping straps on Mitzys

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  1. A while ago there was a thread about using the strap from a Mitzy messenger on a Mitzy tote and vice versa.

    I've already got the messenger & now considering the medium tote and just wondering if anyone had used their bag in this way and was it ok?

    I would like to size the messenger & medium hobo before purchase but the SA in my local store already thinks I'm mad!

    Just thinking that for one more purchase I could have in theory 4 bags!

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. I may be wrong but I thought the medium hobo was the same size as the messenger....are you thinking of getting different colours!
  3. Poppy is right the medium hobo and the messenger are the same size, which is why people have swapped the straps about to give them 4 bags instead of 2 :amuse:
  4. Very interesting! I had a notion of this myself. So if I bought a medium hobo I could swop straps with my mitzi messenger - have I got that right?
    If so I know what I'll be going for next!
  5. Yes thats right, the bags are identical they just have different straps. So if you had the hobo you could swap them around :smile:
  6. Uh oh! That is good and bad news miss_mabel.
  7. That's it, I'm going to buy a medium hobo & swap straps with my oak messenger........4 bags for the price of 2!
  8. I have the big hobo and the messenger and you can swap straps around so I could use the short strap from my large hobo to turn the messenger into a smaller shoulder bag. I don't think I'd want to use the big hobo as a messenger though!